Monday, November 14, 2011

I be bloggin', they workin'.

Thanks again for Phil's birthday wishes. He enjoyed them, and so did we. I think he enjoyed them with more alcohol than we did; just a guess.

For your pleasure:

It's a duck on a fence
I laughed myself incontinent over this.  I mean, when do you see a duck on a fence?  Plus, it was just after dawn, so quack-a-doodle-doo!

No one noticed the incontinence because of the lake.  Water, water everywhere.
We've been talking about our sitting situation for a long time.

No need to be so dramatic.  Get up, let's talk about it again.
I sat so long one day I crippled myself.  This couch is fourteen years old (108 in our years), and you don't get comfortable sitting on Great-Great-Great-Aunt Esther.  

Slow-forward a few days.  The couch is gone and we're sitting on camp chairs.  Better!  We need a semi-permanent solution, and we're willing to think outside the Broyhill.  Give us ideas, please.

We've considered:
  • a reclining loveseat - we have one in mind
  • comfy office chairs with storage footrests (first used in the Footrest Empire) - we have one in mind
  • lawn chaises - we have one in mind
  • YOUR IDEA HERE - you have one in mind
Annie is already dressed and ready to do Stuff.  I have more sitting to do.

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Bob said...

I've always wanted a "Lazy Boy". ('cause well, I am)
And I'm referring to the piece of furniture, not some cross-dressing Dude who won't take out the trash. *snort*

And I haven't had anything to drink yet today! Look out!


I don't have one, but I've always wanted one. Came close once, and the price was right, but it was too old and the wrong colour for my lovely wife.
So if you get a couple of them, and take a picture or two, then at least I can *look* at a Lazy Boy? Yes?

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I'll be interested in people's ideas, too. One day, in the far future, I'd like to replace all the built in's in Theo. She's going on 24 years old... I think she's due.

Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

Carolyn said...

What are your wishes? Comfy seating obviously. But how much seating? How much storage? How many cats per seat?

Jim and Sandie said...

We had a reclining love seat in the stix and bricks and it was the best investment ever. In the RV we each have a recliner but it sure doesn't match up to the love seat.

Rubye Jack said...

Gosh that couch looked like it could go another 14 years. Seriously. Anyway, I had a big recliner before I moved and I loved it. You can live in those things. Thing is you never want to leave it.

Maria B said...

We have a reclining love seat, and we LOVE it!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha Bob! No one wants that Lazy Boy, which is why he's still single. TAKE OUT THE TRASH, Lazy Boy. Yes, if that's how we go, we'll post a pic.

Cyndi, your Rumpy and Stumpy will tell you it's time.

Carolyn, the more storage the better, but I don't know of an option that will increase that. Seating for two is fine, and we can turn the front seats around for more.

Jim and Sandie, that's good to know. The loveseat we have in mind is WAY comfy.

Rubye Jack, that's the kind of seating I need, because I don't leave it anyway.

Soaring Sun said...

Reclining loveseat gets my vote. Steve and I are also looking for one, in a very not-getting-out-to-go-shopping-in-Tucson kind of way.

We currently have a loveseat in Steve's 5th wheel, but only I get to recline, by putting my feet on Steve's lap. If he tried the same thing, I'd be at the LazyBoy store in Tucson in a heartbeat.

Carolyn said...

You two are love seat people. Don't fight it.

Kimbopolo said...

No seating ideas in mind at the moment. I'm laughing too hard about the duck-on-a-fence incident. I will let you know if I solidify plans for Gainesville next week (via I-75BTW).

Sherry said...

LOL at Quack a doodle doo!

Well if you want to be lovey, get the love seat. If you want solo chairs you can do whatever you damn well want to get the lazy boy - chair that is. My problem is, as always, I want BOTH. How to have it all and never have to decide is always my problem.

When you choose, let me know how you did it.

Bev said...

Oh joy. Furniture shopping. We still haven't found anything to replace our nauga-covered wanna be furniture in the dawghouse. Our problem is finding something comfy that will fit thru the door without a Texas Chainsaw Furniture Massacre. Hey, a nauga-massacre. Now there's a good time!

Andra Watkins said...

I am incapable of recommending suitable chairs, since MTM and I have been together for almost a decade and still cannot agree upon chairs that we 1. both like; and 2. can afford when we both like them.

Gaelyn said...

Beanbags. And when they break it's really a lot of fun chasing all the little bean balls around, for years.

I can't believe you had a sectional in an RV. Why not one of each? I have a couch, two recliners one rocks, a rocker, table chairs and a desk chair. Fun to move around like hot couch potato.

In south TX the whistling ducks hung out on the roofs. Just too weird.

Contessa said...

We have a sectional and a recliner. Perfect combo. You can cuddle or each stretch out.

Karen and Al said...

We bought two smaller style recliners for old mh and got rid of couch. Worked well. We got them at Havertys.

Carolyn said...

Did you kill off both sections of the sectional? Or just the one?

Did you dump it in the middle of your mother's front lawn in proper redneck style?

squawmama said...

Don't know and we are also in the same delima.... a love seat will not work for us because we need room for the critters!!! LOL
Have fun

The Good Luck Duck said...

Maria (post absent on picture day), we love your loveseat! It's extremely comfy.

Sue, your situation seems precarious! At any moment, Steve may want to recline, and then you are both catapulted into Tucson's disreputable Furniture District. I hope there's not really a Furniture District in Tucson.

It's true, isn't it Carolyn? And, both pieces went into the garage, modified-redneck style, and then one slipped into the cat suite.

Okay, Kim - let me know. We're in Jax Tuesday and Thursday - all the rest is open.

Sherry, does not-deciding leave you walking around until it's time for bed? Or, do you just stick with what comes with the rig?

Bev, we want nauga-something, because of the cats. And, door width is a BIG DEAL in this decision.

Andra, I'll bet MTM wants something architecturally-appropriate, doesn't he? Something you'd rather lean against than sit in.

Ha Gaelyn! We joked about that. In the 70's I was built to lounge in a beanbag. Now I'm built like a beanbag.
Ducks on a roof - that is so strange.

Contessa, I can't figure out what you mean. If I look for pictures will I find some?

Karen, the recliner idea will work if we find them small enough, but we haven't so far. Is there a Haverty's around here that you know about? We've looked in half a dozen local furniture stores.

Donna, what you need is a giant, two-piece sectional, about 14 years old.

Donna K said...

We have La-Z-Boys at home (no not the ones we raised - we sent those off with their wives!) and there is nothing to compare in comfort. One thing with most La-Z-boys, is the back lifts off with just the flick of a lever and the back comes off. Makes them lighter and easier to get into tight spaces. Make sure you ask about this feature if you are looking at La-Z-Boys.

heyduke50 said...

I am a euro chair fan... add the foot rest and since it reclines I have all the chair I ever want... your mileage may vary...

Wanderoke said...

I love those Ekornes recliners with the foot rests. Way spendy, but there are knock-offs to be found.


Carolyn said...

Ok, so you lost ~4 people worth of seating and a bunch of storage. You want to replace with 2 people worth of seating.

If you get a lazy boy type thing then you get no storage. Think about how to work in the comfy reclining and storage too. Either in storage ottomans or some sort of end-tabley thing, or both.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Carolyn, that's sensible, and it sort of rules out a loveseat. The most practical thing would be two chairs that optimized both space-saving and comfort, with a storagey-thing between that also doubled as an end table. Add in a couple of storage ottomans, and we're probably at the amount of (non-cat) storage we actually used with the sectional.

Duke, we did try out a couple of Euro chairs, but I think my Euro was too big.

Ish, those Ekornes look posh and comfy.

Annie said...

One definitely does not want to make any sudden, rash decisions on something as important as lounging/reclining/napping accessories. I understand horsehair chairs are becoming popular again...

Dough, Dirt & Dye

The Good Luck Duck said...

Horsehair! I could ride that mount all the way to Dreamland!

Lynn said...

Why not consider one of these? When it starts to run out of air, you will get cozier, and cozier, and cozier..... Plus, you don't become a couch potato, well maybe a mashed potato. lol I guess I am just trying to duck the issue.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Lynn, this suggestion is not ridiculous! Please try harder next time. However, you get double bonus points for the duck pun, so you're still in good shape.

Your point about not being a couch potato is a good one; there's nothing like coccyxiosis to get you up and moving. Before I investigate this sofa further, I'm going to practice looking sultry in my camp chair so I feel confident going into the sofa round of competition.

BeckyIO said...

Hello! Found my way over through Commentluv, hope you don't mind. ;) I'm about to have a bout of incontinence myself imagining myself sitting on my great-great aunt now, I hope your happy.

In other news, I've always been partial to recliners. :3

The Good Luck Duck said...

Mind? Mind? I live for it. And, yes. I do take satisfaction in others' incontinence. Thanks for that.

They are very cozy. The thing is, we'll need two, and that becomes a space issue. Sigh. Where are the completely perfect solutions when I really need them?

Keisha said...

Ooh, a couch? I can sit on it? :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

You bet! You look like a much more polite couch-sitter than the cats.

TexCyn said...

I dunno, anything would be better than how Annie seems to be using the furniture in the photo. Has anyone ever told her how to actually sit on a sofa? Was she raised by Mork? One has to wonder y'know...or was it the duckadoodledoo that did her in?
Check this out:

combined with one of these might just work?

Regardless, don't let Annie drive till she goes to furniture sitting school first...

The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That all made me QOL (quack out loud).

That's a pretty clever set-up, with the couch/bed/storage combo. Too big for our purposes, but a good use of space. That chair, though - boy howdy! My butt could get some good rest in that! We're looking at that type wherever we go.